Grey’s Anatomy Fix

For the last at least 7 years I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy. I think it was my sister who first got me into the show and I haven’t stopped watching it since. This is the only series that I continue to watch and I will always watch the new episodes when they are released in America. All of the other series that I have tried to watch I have given up on them after the first few series apart from prison break. However if prison break did bring out a new series I don’t know how I would feel about that as the last one wasn’t quite as good as the others.
I have always enjoyed watching Grey’s Anatomy and I think this is because when I was younger as at one point I wanted to be a surgeon. Obviously that didn’t happen as I am not very good at science. However watching this show can sometimes make you feel like you could be a surgeon.
My favourite character was always Christina Yang but unfortunately see left a few series back so I think my favourite is now either Alex Karev or Jackson Avery.
Even though some of the story lines feel quite unrealistic you can’t help but enjoy the show because the show is always jam packed with different storylines. Watching new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy is usually my treat on a Friday night for surviving a week of work. So as the new series returned a couple of weeks ago I am going to binge watch them tonight.
If you are looking for a new tv series to watch I would recommend Grey’s Anatomy however there is now 15 series so it could take along time to get through all the episodes.


Bank Holiday Joy :)

It’s Friday again and this one is even more special as it is the Friday before the Bank holiday weekend….3 days free from work!!
I am super excited to have a few days away from the office and to just have some fun and enjoy the weekend. I think I am going to go to a plum festival tomorrow, I went last year and there was a lot to look around and lots of different foods to try. When I first heard about the plum festival I didn’t know what to expect but it was actually quite nice to wonder around the town as I hadn’t been there before and there was load of things to do.
There are always a lot of events on in the surrounding areas to where I live over bank holiday weekend so I am hoping the weather will be nice so we can enjoy and spend the majority of the weekend outside.
I have been really trying to stay focused all week so I can achieve the most I can so it will be nice to have a couple of days a little bit more relaxed. I think we should have 3 day weekends every week because it allows you to have enough time away from work to realise that work isn’t actually your life and it allows you to detach slightly from work. The longer I work without longer than a 2 day weekend the more I become attached to work and start to forget about other possibilities and I stop to think about what I would actually like to do with my life. Whereas when I have extra time away from work I start to think about other ideas and things that I would like to do and work seems not as important. My work ethic is still the same but I don’t let it over take my life and become dependent on it. So I am looking forward to having a little more brain freedom to explore alternative work ideas.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


We have made it to the weekend!! Woohoo!
As you probably already know I love Fridays… it appears everyone at work knows I love Fridays too as they were asking me to do my Friday dance today! It has been quite a busy week this week so I am looking forward to a couple of chilled days.
The weather has been quite cold and rainy today so I have come home from work wanting to get my pyjamas on and have a nice relaxing evening watching a film. I know we are still a long way off from Christmas but I am going to put on my Grinch pyjamas as they are really warm. I can’t be the only one who wears Christmas pyjamas all year round. I am not sure what film I am going to watch but I still haven’t been using my Netflix so I think I am definitely going to cancel it for a while. I feel like a film that’s easy to watch so I may go for a comedy or something quite light hearted. I say light hearted but I know as soon as I started looking some crime thriller film will take my fancy.
I don’t have that much planned for the weekend apart from I have to take my car to the garage to get it serviced tomorrow so I will probably go and do a little bit of shopping while I wait for it to be done. I will most likely go an see my nan at some point over the weekend and have some chilled time with my boyfriend.
I am hoping the weather is a little better tomorrow so I can go for a late afternoon/evening walk and enjoy being out doors after being stuck in the office all week. I am really loving going for walks at the moment especially along the canal… being next to water is just so relaxing.

Happy Friday! :)

Is there a better feeling that leaving work on a Friday at 5.00pm knowing you don’t have to think about work for a whole 2 days!!
To be fair as soon as I wake up on a Friday I pretty much dance out of bed because its Friday and nothing bad can happen when it’s Friday!
As much as I enjoy going to work and enjoy feeling like I have a purpose for the day. I am always counting down the week and looking forward to the weekend.
I am the type of person who works better when I am working towards a target so maybe that is what I am doing when I am counting down to the weekend. I do love the feeling when you have worked hard all week and everything has fallen in to place and you have managed to get everything done for the week so you can’t start fresh on Monday.

It’s time to embrace the Friday positivity and enjoy the day!

Happy Friday Everyone 🙂

It’s Friday tomorrow!!

There is always a sense of relief in a Thursday night when you know you only have one more day of work left before the weekend! For some reason one day just feels so much more manageable and just gives me an uplift at the end of the week.

This week work has been super busy and I cannot wait for it to be over. I am not normally one to wish the week away but it has been so busy and I am just ready for a couple of days off.

I don’t have much planned for the weekend apart from starting to get things sorted for holiday but I am just looking forward to some chilled time. I may go on a couple of walks near where I live. I have heard that it is suppose to be getting warmer next week so I’m hoping the weather will be nice this weekend too.

I genuinely find that everyone’s attitude on a Friday is so much more positive and relaxed. I think this is the main reason I enjoy Fridays. So I am quite looking forward to tomorrow and hope I manage to get a all my work done so that I can switch off for the weekend.

Bring on the Friday positivity!!