Netflix Recommendation – Bandersnatch

The film I watched over new year was the Black Mirror Bandersnatch film. This film was highly anticipated, and I had been waiting for it to be released. If you don’t know already it was a virtual film where the audience pick how the films ends.

The film follows a young programmer start to question reality when he adapts a mad writer’s fantasy novel into a video game.

I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the film as it felt like I was more involved with the outcome of the film. However, if you just wanted to chill and watch a film this probably isn’t the one for you as you do have to pick quite a few answers to different questions they ask so you do have to pay attention.

I think is a one-time watch film as I do not feel the need to watch it again as even if you chose the wrong answer you get directed back round to the correct answer or the one they want you to give so no matter what you pick you end up with the same ending there is just different ways to get to the ending.

I would however recommend the film to anyone who was looking for something a bit different to watch. I am a big fan of the whole Black Mirror series so would recommend watching the other episodes I do think they do make you think about issues in society such as social media.


Netflix Recommendation – Bird Box

Another Netflix film I have watched recently was Bird Box. I had heard a lot of people talking about this film, so I knew it was something I had to watch to see what it was all about. In the film a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is for sure – if you see it you die. The survivors have to avoid coming a face to face with the entity. As one of a few survivors in the area a woman and her two children embark on a dangerous journey to a place that potentially can offer sanctuary. They have to complete the trip blindfolded.

The film stars Sandra Bullock who I have loved since the days of Miss congeniality.

From the moment I put this film on I was hooked– although the idea of everyone suddenly dying didn’t seen that realistic to me, I had to forget about that and just embrace the film. The film is intense and very gripping, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It may not necessarily be a film I watch again as I think those type of films are ones that you watch once as once you have seen it you don’t need to watch it again. However, that does not mean I enjoyed it any less and I would recommend it to anybody that loves Thriller films.

Christmas Game Favourites

On Christmas day once all of the family have finished their Christmas dinner the only think to do next if to play some Christmas games. I love playing games with my family as we do not get the chance to do it that often these days and it bring out our competitiveness that we use to have when we were younger. These are 5 of our favourite games to play:-
1 – Rapidough
The game is one of my favourite to play with my family because it is so easy to play so family members of all ages are able to play it. This game has come out every year over the last few years and even my nans enjoy playing it.
2- Monopoly
Monopoly is the ultimate family game and it always get the competitiveness out in my siblings and I. This year I have even bought the cheater version of monopoly for a family member this year so I am really excited to play this.
3- What do you Meme?
My boyfriend is obsessed with Memes so this was the ideal game to play with him. There are various images from memes and you have to match it with the best captions.
4- Cards
I love playing cards and every family member seems to know a different game. This is a simple game that allows all the family to be able to play together
5- Dobble
I purchased Dobble in the summer and I am really enjoying bringing it out to play with my family over Christmas. Dobble is a really simple but enjoyable game to play

Which are you favourite games to play at Christmas?

Grey’s Anatomy Fix

For the last at least 7 years I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy. I think it was my sister who first got me into the show and I haven’t stopped watching it since. This is the only series that I continue to watch and I will always watch the new episodes when they are released in America. All of the other series that I have tried to watch I have given up on them after the first few series apart from prison break. However if prison break did bring out a new series I don’t know how I would feel about that as the last one wasn’t quite as good as the others.
I have always enjoyed watching Grey’s Anatomy and I think this is because when I was younger as at one point I wanted to be a surgeon. Obviously that didn’t happen as I am not very good at science. However watching this show can sometimes make you feel like you could be a surgeon.
My favourite character was always Christina Yang but unfortunately see left a few series back so I think my favourite is now either Alex Karev or Jackson Avery.
Even though some of the story lines feel quite unrealistic you can’t help but enjoy the show because the show is always jam packed with different storylines. Watching new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy is usually my treat on a Friday night for surviving a week of work. So as the new series returned a couple of weeks ago I am going to binge watch them tonight.
If you are looking for a new tv series to watch I would recommend Grey’s Anatomy however there is now 15 series so it could take along time to get through all the episodes.


We have made it to the weekend!! Woohoo!
As you probably already know I love Fridays… it appears everyone at work knows I love Fridays too as they were asking me to do my Friday dance today! It has been quite a busy week this week so I am looking forward to a couple of chilled days.
The weather has been quite cold and rainy today so I have come home from work wanting to get my pyjamas on and have a nice relaxing evening watching a film. I know we are still a long way off from Christmas but I am going to put on my Grinch pyjamas as they are really warm. I can’t be the only one who wears Christmas pyjamas all year round. I am not sure what film I am going to watch but I still haven’t been using my Netflix so I think I am definitely going to cancel it for a while. I feel like a film that’s easy to watch so I may go for a comedy or something quite light hearted. I say light hearted but I know as soon as I started looking some crime thriller film will take my fancy.
I don’t have that much planned for the weekend apart from I have to take my car to the garage to get it serviced tomorrow so I will probably go and do a little bit of shopping while I wait for it to be done. I will most likely go an see my nan at some point over the weekend and have some chilled time with my boyfriend.
I am hoping the weather is a little better tomorrow so I can go for a late afternoon/evening walk and enjoy being out doors after being stuck in the office all week. I am really loving going for walks at the moment especially along the canal… being next to water is just so relaxing.

Ikea Trip!

I ended up going on a trip to Ikea on Sunday with my sister…we don’t go very often but now and again we get curious to see if anything new has be brought in. I didn’t particularly need anything but my sister was looking for a few thing for her house. The closest Ikea to us is about an hour away so it is a nice little trip out.

It was quite busy when we went as I imagine a lot of people are getting ready to go to University in September so are getting a lot of their stuff ready to move out. I remember when I moved out for University I went to Ikea and did a massive shop and pretty much got everything I could have possibly needed.

I love looking at how they set up all the different rooms and try to get some inspiration for when I finally get my own place! I have been taking note recently of what I like and don’t like so when I do move out I know exactly how I want my house to look and the vibe that I want it to have. Also it makes the saving process a little more exciting and not seem so long and boring.

We managed to get a few things for my sisters house and we enjoyed out trip out.

The secret garden has been found!

We have made it through 3 days of work and there is only 2 more days to go until the weekend. This week has been quite busy at work but I feel like things are slowly starting to fall into place and I should be able to get everything done before the weekend. On my lunch break today I found our very own secret garden. There is not a lot surrounding where I work so there isn’t really anywhere to go when you are on your lunch break. Somebody in a different department mentioned a garden that I had never heard of before so a couple of my colleagues and I decided to investigate and go and find the secret garden. We managed to find it and we really having been missing out on enjoying the sunshine. The garden is well kept with lots of flowers and benches to sit on. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside today on my lunch break and I intend to do it every day from now on. As my job is computer based I spent a lot of time inside an office so just getting 30 minutes of fresh air made such a difference to my day.
I am already looking forward to the weekend even though I don’t currently have that much planned but I am just looking forward to going on some sort of adventure and exploring a new place. I love nothing more than wondering round a new place and exploring.
Tonight however I am off for a walk in a local village and along the canal. I do this walk quite regularly and really enjoy it. There is a lot of wildlife on the way and really pretty houses to look at. At the end of the walk I’m sure we will pop into the pub for a quiet catch up with a coke. When you have been inside all day and the weather has been as warm as it is; I literally get home and I am straight out of the door ready to enjoy the sunshine. Luckily the evening are a lot cooler otherwise I definitely would be getting sunburnt.
Anyway off I go to enjoy the sunshine 🙂