Netflix Recommendation – Bandersnatch

The film I watched over new year was the Black Mirror Bandersnatch film. This film was highly anticipated, and I had been waiting for it to be released. If you don’t know already it was a virtual film where the audience pick how the films ends.

The film follows a young programmer start to question reality when he adapts a mad writer’s fantasy novel into a video game.

I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the film as it felt like I was more involved with the outcome of the film. However, if you just wanted to chill and watch a film this probably isn’t the one for you as you do have to pick quite a few answers to different questions they ask so you do have to pay attention.

I think is a one-time watch film as I do not feel the need to watch it again as even if you chose the wrong answer you get directed back round to the correct answer or the one they want you to give so no matter what you pick you end up with the same ending there is just different ways to get to the ending.

I would however recommend the film to anyone who was looking for something a bit different to watch. I am a big fan of the whole Black Mirror series so would recommend watching the other episodes I do think they do make you think about issues in society such as social media.


Netflix Recommendation – Bird Box

Another Netflix film I have watched recently was Bird Box. I had heard a lot of people talking about this film, so I knew it was something I had to watch to see what it was all about. In the film a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is for sure – if you see it you die. The survivors have to avoid coming a face to face with the entity. As one of a few survivors in the area a woman and her two children embark on a dangerous journey to a place that potentially can offer sanctuary. They have to complete the trip blindfolded.

The film stars Sandra Bullock who I have loved since the days of Miss congeniality.

From the moment I put this film on I was hooked– although the idea of everyone suddenly dying didn’t seen that realistic to me, I had to forget about that and just embrace the film. The film is intense and very gripping, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It may not necessarily be a film I watch again as I think those type of films are ones that you watch once as once you have seen it you don’t need to watch it again. However, that does not mean I enjoyed it any less and I would recommend it to anybody that loves Thriller films.

Netflix Recommendation – YOU

I recently watched the American thriller series YOU on Netflix and thoroughly enjoyed it. The series follows a bookstore manager who’s crush on an aspiring writer becomes sinister when the writer becomes the managers obsession. The manager uses everything from social media and the internet to become close to the aspiring writer and removes any obstacles in his path.

When I first put this series on, I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure if I would like it but as soon as I started the first episode, I had to continue to watch the rest. It did take a bit of getting use to as you are sort of in the book stores managers head, so you see everything through his eyes. But once I had gotten of that aspect, I really enjoyed this series.

This series is gripping and once it has started it’s hard to put down as you want to see what happens in the end. The show does highlight how much information we give away using social media and how easy it would be for somebody to track us down if they wanted to. So, the one good things about this show is that it does make you more aware on social media.

I would highly recommend this show as I really enjoyed it, I am a fan of American thriller films so if you are too this is definitely the series for you.

Goodbye Netflix ??

I was listening to a podcast a couple of nights ago, it was one of the joe Rogan podcast’s that I mentioned in a previous blog. In the podcast I was listening to, they were talking about self-improvement..
They discussed how we are spending so much time doing things that aren’t enhancing our lives but that are keeping us in a state of numbness.
The example they used was Netflix, we spend so much time watching so many tv series that we lose essential time that we could have used to improve our lives. This made me realise that if I stopped watching Netflix I could use that time focusing on job hunting, new hobbies and interests that could improve my life. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Netflix series but part of me thought yes what they are saying is right. Spending so much time watching Netflix doesn’t make your life happier in the long run it is just a quick fix when you find a programme that interests you. I am at a point where I am reassessing which direction my life is going in so this has made me contemplate cancelling my Netflix account.
I don’t watch Netflix all the time but I know that if I found a series that I was really into that I would just want to binge watch the whole series. For example if there was a new series of prison break I know I would be straight on that! By binge watching series it can take up so much of my time and yes I enjoy watching the programme but is it enhancing my life in the same way as it would if I read a book, watched a YouTube video or listened to a podcast on a new topic.
I think also because I am in a job role that is pretty similar every day in the tasks that I need to do daily it has kind of become robotic and so when I come home from work I feel that I need to try to develop my knowledge in a different way. I enjoy learning but I am also one who gets stuck in a rut especially in winter with going to work and then coming home and watching Netflix.
So far I haven’t actually deactivated my Netflix account but I am still considering doing so. I haven’t watched a lot of tv at all this week… probably because the weather has been so nice but I have been trying to use my time better by doing activities that can enhance my life.

Brain on Fire

On Saturday evening I decided to watch Brain on Fire on Netflix, I didn’t know a lot about the film but I had an email from Netflix recommending it as something I may like so I thought I would give it ago. I thought it was an great film and really opened my eyes. It has been along time since I have watched a film at home and been fully gripped but I couldn’t stop watching and didn’t really want it to end.

The film is about a young journalist who starts to here voices, become hypersensitive and starts having seizures. As time goes on it only gets worse and she becomes violent and experiences insanity. Everyone around her wonders what is happening because the girl is acting very strange compared to her usual behaviour and even try to blame it on alcohol and partying too much.

The girls have various test such as MRI scans but there is nothing showing abnormally on her test results. Bipolar and schizophrenia is suggested but doctors as the cause for the abnormal behaviour that she is experiencing but her parents are determined that this is not the case. A different doctor takes over her case and they do a brain biopsy because he believes her brain is swollen and inflamed. She has a slow recovery and eventually is able to return to her normal life.

This film really made me think about how limited we are to what treatment are available to us. The NHS is one of the greatest things about England and does amazing things on a daily basis. But we are limited by what treatments are available at any one time and how one doctor may interpret symptoms as being something different to another doctor. Misdiagnosis can happen at any time and there could be others is the world who are diagnosed with mental health disorders and actually it could be something else that is physically affecting a person.

There are always going to be areas in life that we can learn more about and there will be new treatments that are found and that are available in some countries and not others. We are lucky to have so many treatments available to us and to have people trying to find new cures.