Chilled Weekend

This weekend I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy four days off work. I had a couple of annual leave days to use so I decided to have a long weekend so that I could have a nice break from work before the busy Christmas period begins. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the extra time of work because it has allowed me to focus on jobs that I have been wanting to do for ages but I haven’t yet had the chance to do them. For example returning to my blog. I haven’t blogged in quite a while because I have been focussing more on other areas of my life but I have missed being able to blog regularly so I am hoping to get back into a more regular blogging schedule.
Sometimes when you are at work you forget about the things that you like doing the most and once you stop doing those things for a while it feels harder to be able to get back to doing them. So having a break away from the office allows me to think freely and be able to do the things I really enjoy. I think also because a lot of my time is spent in an office with people who have completely different interests to me, my interest somewhat get lost in the busyness of day to day life.
There is another Christmas market on today quite near to where I live so I am hoping to go and have a little look around and see if I can find any Christmas gifts. I am still struggling with a gift for my mom so I am hoping I will see something she would like. I may even treat myself to a Christmas film tonight to get myself even more in the Christmas mood.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend 🙂


Take Back Tuesday – Glastonbury

On Friday I went to explore Glastonbury; I have always wanted to go to Glastonbury festival but so far have not been lucky enough to go. A family member suggested going there when the festival was not on as the town is such a lovely place and there are quite a few unique shops to look around.
So we planned to travel down on Friday and see what Glastonbury was all about. We got there about 10.00am and we were instantly met with really cute unique shops to look in. There are definite hippie vibes in Glastonbury and it is such a welcoming environment. There are quite a few differently places to get food and sit outside and just enjoy the lively town. There are load of alley ways off the main street with lots of craft shop and crystal shops. Glastonbury is quite a spiritual place and there are lots of places you can go for psychics readings or healing readings. There is a goddess temple which we went in and it was quite a unique experience.
After looking round the shops and enjoying some food we decided to walk and go and find The Tor. Here is a picture of The Tor:-

From the town it looking really far away but once we started walking and found directions to it we realised it wasn’t far at all. Once we made it to the top the view was amazing and we spent a good hour at the top admiring the view and enjoying the sunshine. At the Top of The Tor there was swarms of ladybirds flying around. I have never seen anything like it, there was literally 1000’s of them flying around. At one point I think there was about 25 of them on me. It was an amazing sight to see but I have no idea what makes them all gather up there or whether there are always a number of them up there or whether it had just happened that day.
Afterwards we enjoyed some lovely food in a nice cosy pub before heading back home. I absolutely loved Glastonbury and would recommend going to have a look around. I now would like to go even more when the festival is on so hopefully one day I will manage to get some tickets.

Life Update

Life has been super busy this last week so I haven’t got around to blogging a lot. Well actually the whole of September so far has been pretty busy due to quite a lot of changes going on at the moment but hopefully I can try to get the blogs into a more regular schedule again. I really do enjoy blogging so I need to find more time to fit it in.
I had a really nice day yesterday; I went out for some lunch and went for a nice relaxing walk. I then went a and did a little bit of shopping… I didn’t really need anything but I still had a couple of vouchers to use from my birthday so I spent those in Topshop on a new little bag. My old bag has just broke so it was the perfect excuse to get a new one. I love Topshop as the quality of their products is usually really good. I don’t buy all my clothes from there as it can be quite expensive but I do like to have a few versatile pieces from there which I can mix with clothes from other shops.
After shopping I went to the cinema; there hasn’t been that much in the cinema over the summer that I have really wanted to watch but I really enjoy going to the cinema because the film has my full attention. When you watch a film at home it isn’t the same because I get distracted by so many things and I end up watching parts of a film rather than the whole thing.
I ended up watching ‘King of Thieves’ which I didn’t know that much about beforehand but I knew it had Michael Caine in it so I thought it must be good if he’s in. Generally I have enjoyed films that Michael Caine has been in before so thought I would give it a chance. I actually really enjoyed King of Thieves and would recommend other people watching it. Sometimes picking a film that you haven’t heard about is a better option because you have no expectations so you can’t be disappointed. The film was quite funny and I would watch it again in the future.
I am having another fairly chilled day today doing odd jobs that I need to do before Monday and listening to a few podcasts. I am also hoping to get my hair cut because I have been putting it off for so long but now it has got to a length that is starting to annoy me so I think it’s time to get it sorted out.
Hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend 🙂

Ikea Trip!

I ended up going on a trip to Ikea on Sunday with my sister…we don’t go very often but now and again we get curious to see if anything new has be brought in. I didn’t particularly need anything but my sister was looking for a few thing for her house. The closest Ikea to us is about an hour away so it is a nice little trip out.

It was quite busy when we went as I imagine a lot of people are getting ready to go to University in September so are getting a lot of their stuff ready to move out. I remember when I moved out for University I went to Ikea and did a massive shop and pretty much got everything I could have possibly needed.

I love looking at how they set up all the different rooms and try to get some inspiration for when I finally get my own place! I have been taking note recently of what I like and don’t like so when I do move out I know exactly how I want my house to look and the vibe that I want it to have. Also it makes the saving process a little more exciting and not seem so long and boring.

We managed to get a few things for my sisters house and we enjoyed out trip out.


This weekend I went to a fruit farm not too from where I live and went and picked some strawberries. I love going strawberry picking and haven’t had change yet so far this year so ventured out and picked loads of really nice strawberries. I have been eating them with every meal since! The fruit farm that I go to has a lovely little farm shop and café and there is also a few animals. The farm shop has all of their own products from apple juices, cider to ice cream and pickles. I only ever really go to this farm when I decided to go strawberry picking so I use it as my annual explore of the shop and see if there are any new products that I want to try. I usually end up getting some of the apple juices because they always taste really nice.
We spent quite a while strawberry picking as we were being very picky over which strawberries we wanted but also eating a few as went along even though we weren’t supposed to eat them. We came away with far more strawberries that we needed but it just so fun walking around picking them you kind of forget how many you have actually picked. Luckily I have enough family members to eat them all.
The farm has some chickens and a few pigs next to the farm shop, I could help but find one of the pigs very relatable. The pig was having what I can only describe as a piggy mud bath. He looked like he was in a bath tub chilling. This pig was my spirit animal…. He looked so happy with himself and I couldn’t blame him for being in the mud bath on such a hot day. I’m sure if I was a pig I would be wanting to do the exact same thing.


I Have No Will Power

I have been trying to not do any holiday shopping this year as I still have quite a lot of clothes left from last year that I haven’t really worn. But today I failed!!

I knew I was doing something dangerous when I typed in urban outfitters into the search bar. I was only going to have a little browse but I just don’t have the will power to not add anything to my basket. I couldn’t help but add a turquoise sporty bikini top that I love and a few cool t-shirts. After about 10 minutes I realised what I had done and slowly went through my basket removing the items that I didn’t really need.

I only ended up buying the bikini top because I have some bikini bottoms that it would really look nice with. The fact that I removed the other items made me feel like I was being good so I could reward myself with just one item.

I didn’t even need to buy anything. But somehow buy me removing other items I felt like I was spending less and being good. How does that even work? Surely I would be being really good if I didn’t buy anything.

I then noticed I had an email from Miss Selfridge advertising their sale and a light bulb went off and I remembered these really nice denim shorts with a white Lace trim that I saw ages a go and said I would buy them if I went on holiday. So next thing you know I’m on the website searching for the shorts in the sale and yes they had been reduced. So of course I end up buying them because if they are in the sale thats a sign so I must be meant to have them.

In the back of my head I have told myself that I can always send them back. But let’s be honest none of the items I have purchased are going back because they will arrive a couple of days before my holiday and I will be too excited to send them back. They are practically already packed in my case.

If only I had some will power!