Same Tree… Just a Year Older

A year ago I was sat under a tree staring up into the sky thinking of all the things that I would like to happen in the next year and where I could see myself.
Today I was sat in the exact same place under a tree staring up in to the sky thinking of how much has changed over the last 12 months.
My life hasn’t changed that drastically in the sense that I am still living at home and in the same job but I am a step closer than I was last year and I know more of the direction that I want to go in now.
In terms of my friendship group it has changed quite a bit as I would rather be around positive people and those who I have more in common with now. I have a lot more friends of different ages rather than just those who are the same age as me. I find this really beneficial because when I see my friends just living their lives how they want to it makes me realise that I can do that too.
Travel was an important part of what I wanted to do and I have managed to visit quite a few places such as Edinburgh, Llandudno, Ibiza and Croatia. I hope to continue to travel and visit lots of new places that I haven’t seen before.
How I feel about myself has changed a lot in the sense that I feel more confident and I am now my true self rather than feeling like I have to act a certain way. I generally am enjoying life at the minute and just want to have fun and be happy.
I wonder where I will be this time next year….


It’s Saturday!!

The sun is shining and it’s Saturday…. What a perfect combination.

After a busy week I have had a fairly slow start to the weekend but now I am up and ready to go and enjoy the sunshine. I think we are going to go and explore Worcester today. I have been to Worcester quite a few times before and I always have a good time there. There is quite a few shops to look round and a lovely walk by the river. It’s that sunny today I might even have to myself to an ice cream 🙂

Last night I was reunited with an old friend and I really enjoyed catching up and laughing at all the funny stories we have from when we were younger. It’s funny how no matter how long it’s been since we last saw each other it is always the same and feels like it is back to how it was when we were teenagers. We were laughing at how times had changed because usually we would have gone on a night out when she comes back but yesterday we just went on a nice walk…. We must be getting older! It’s always nice having old friends back in your life even if it’s only for a couple of hours.
I feel quite motivated today so when I get home tonight I think I am going to get back onto the job hunting and see what jobs pop up. I am still waiting for an interview to be scheduled but I can’t keep waiting around for it as there is never any guarantee that I would even get that job and I could miss out on another opportunity while I wait. I’ve got to keep trying and then something will eventually appear that I am really interested in.

Anyway I am off to enjoy the sunshine…. so make sure you enjoy it too!

Saturday Feeling!

Saturday is my favourite day of the weekend…probably because I know I still have the whole of Sunday left off work too. I haven’t got anything special planned today so I can do whatever I fancy. I have had a nice chilled morning relaxing and now I am off in to town to have a walk and a mooch around a few shops.

I have heard that Wilkinson’s has got half price pic and mix so I might have to have a sneaky visit to investigate. Who doesn’t love pic and pic!!

I am then going to visit my nan as I usually do on a Saturday and have a catchup. Later I am off for a walk and a meal at a cosy pub with the boyfriend so it is quite a nice relaxing Saturday today.

The weather is a lot cooler today which is actually quite nice after how hot it has been all week and we can finally take the dogs out for a walk. We have had my sister’s dog staying all week and he loves his walk. I enjoy the walks as much as the dogs do as I love being outside and exploring.


I decided to dig through some of my old photos from a few years ago when I went travelling in Australia for 3 months after I finished university. Now that I am quite comfortable in my job the thought of quitting and going travelling like I did in 2014 just about sounds impossible. I would love to go travelling again and would tell anybody who is thinking about going to Australia to jump on a plane now. I love Australia and really enjoyed visiting new places and meeting people from all over the world, many of whom I still have on Facebook now.
I started off my travels by staying in Melbourne, I stayed in cheap hostels so that I could make our money last as long as possible. I stayed in Melbourne for 3 weeks and then decided to travel up the east coast staying in various places including Sydney and Brisbane. Each place left me with so many memories and experiences.
I love the chilled vibe in Melbourne and I think this might actually be my favourite place that we stayed in. Don’t get me wrong I loved everywhere that we stayed but that was just something about Melbourne.
I might do another blog at some point to show what I got up to in each area that I stayed in and what activities I got up too.
Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the trip:-

The secret garden has been found!

We have made it through 3 days of work and there is only 2 more days to go until the weekend. This week has been quite busy at work but I feel like things are slowly starting to fall into place and I should be able to get everything done before the weekend. On my lunch break today I found our very own secret garden. There is not a lot surrounding where I work so there isn’t really anywhere to go when you are on your lunch break. Somebody in a different department mentioned a garden that I had never heard of before so a couple of my colleagues and I decided to investigate and go and find the secret garden. We managed to find it and we really having been missing out on enjoying the sunshine. The garden is well kept with lots of flowers and benches to sit on. I thoroughly enjoyed being outside today on my lunch break and I intend to do it every day from now on. As my job is computer based I spent a lot of time inside an office so just getting 30 minutes of fresh air made such a difference to my day.
I am already looking forward to the weekend even though I don’t currently have that much planned but I am just looking forward to going on some sort of adventure and exploring a new place. I love nothing more than wondering round a new place and exploring.
Tonight however I am off for a walk in a local village and along the canal. I do this walk quite regularly and really enjoy it. There is a lot of wildlife on the way and really pretty houses to look at. At the end of the walk I’m sure we will pop into the pub for a quiet catch up with a coke. When you have been inside all day and the weather has been as warm as it is; I literally get home and I am straight out of the door ready to enjoy the sunshine. Luckily the evening are a lot cooler otherwise I definitely would be getting sunburnt.
Anyway off I go to enjoy the sunshine 🙂

A Chilled Weekend

Usually by 5pm on a Sunday I am starting to get the Sunday night panic at the thought of work tomorrow but not today. I am feeling a lot more positive about work this week and I am a lot more motivated to look for a new job. I have been waiting ages to hear back from a company about an interview that had to be rearranged and I think this week I should hopefully hear from them with an update.
I have had a very relaxing weekend and I feel revived and ready to take on this week and smash it! I took my car for a dreaded MOT yesterday and it passed so I was very relieved about that. My house savings have been going well lately so the last thing I wanted was for it to fail and take a chunk out of my savings. So I am very happy that it has passed and the MOT is sorted for another year.
As the weather has been so nice lately I went for a meal with my boyfriend at a pub/beer garden not too far from where we live. The pub is located by a river and has a nice outside area to sit and relax. You can even camp over night there if you wanted to which I have done before but as it is the start of the summer holidays we didn’t last night because it was very busy. I had a delicious vegetable lasagne which is one of my favourite pub grub meals. I am not currently vegetarian but the majority of the food I do enjoy is vegetarian so it is only a matter of time before I fully commit to it. We went for a lovely walk around the surrounding countryside as the sun started to go down. We then went back home and chilled in the back garden with a couple of drinks and played all of our favourite music. I love chilled summer nights and I am so excited that there is still so much of summer to come.
Today I have had quite a lazy day doing all those annoying jobs that you don’t really want to ever do but you know that you should do. I have been searching for new jobs and filling in a few application forms. I have done some general tidying and admin work so that I am all ready to smash the next week.
I have got my sister’s dog coming to stay for the next week as she is off on holiday so I am really looking forward to taking him on some long evening walks as long as the weather isn’t too hot for him. He should be over shortly actually so I think I might take him for a walk tonight so I can get some last minute steps in to finish off the weekend.

10 Year Old Me Would Be So Happy!

One things that I forgot to mention in my previous blog was that I got to relive my youth whilst on holiday. For years and years I would go on holiday with my parents and I would ask if I could get braid done and they always let me have one… It was usually bright orange! I even had a braid machine for Christmas one year so I could do them myself however they were never quite as good as the ones you would have done on holiday.
One evening while we were away I saw a lady doing a braid for a young girl and I couldn’t stop myself I just had to have one. For the last 10 years I probably haven’t got a braid done because I was probably trying to be cool alongside my peers. But this year I decided I was old enough for it to look vintage and I absolutely love it. I still have it in now and I am hoping that it will be a while before it starts to look damaged and I have to take it out.
I don’t know why for so many years I felt that I was too old to have a braid when there isn’t an age limit to having one. I actually saw a few girls of a similar age to me having one and it made me just feel happy that people were embracing braids again. Maybe a new fashion craze could start and everyone would be embracing there holiday braids. I don’t see why it has to be something that you have done when you are younger. It still looks pretty no matter how old you are.