Autumn :)

The temperature has dropped and the leaves have started to fall so it only means one thing…. Autumn has arrived!
I think Autumn may be my favourite season; everything looks so pretty covered in the yellow, brown and red leaves.
I love being able to wear jumpers, hats and scarves and being wrapped up all warm and cosy. As you know I love going on walks anyway but being able to wear wellies and walk through puddles and mud in a forest is so much fun in Autumn.
As much as I love being outside in this weather I also love being inside when it is raining outside and being able to snuggle up and watch a film and watch the water trickle down the windows.
Autumn also involves bonfire night and Halloween so what is not to like about it. I especially love bonfire night as we have always gone to bonfire night displays with my dad. Also all the shops start to sell chocolate and Toffee apples at this time so I will have to make sure I treat us to one at some point over the next few weeks as they remind me of being a child.
As Autumn is only just beginning I am really forward to making the most of it.


Podcast Life 5

I listened to another of Joe Rogan’s podcast this week; it was 1164 with Mikhalia Peterson.
Mikhalia is a food blogger who suffers with severe arthritis and depression. Mikhalia realised that certain foods where effecting her differently so she though she may be allergic to them so she started to eliminate different foods slowly and her arthritis and her depression got better. Eventually she eliminated most foods and now she is on a carnivore diet where she only eats meat.
This podcast was really interesting as I have heard of the carnivore diet but I had never really explored this or learnt about the benefits it could have. For Mikhalia it is clearly beneficial and helps to get rid of a lot of pain that she suffers from and it enables her live a better and more enjoyable life.
I understand that everyone can eat what they like and alter there diet to suit their body but I personally cannot imagine only eating meat. I choose to not eat a lot of meat as I do not enjoy it so for me only eating meat would be my nightmare. Obviously there is benefits to the carnivore diet as there is to veganism and vegetarianism and many other diets but I suppose until you take on these diets yourself you don’t know how your body will react and whether there will be any deficiencies that it could cause you. I can see how altering your diet can be beneficial so that you can avoid allergies to certain foods. It seems to be that more and more people are realising that they may have allergies to certain food so it could well be possible to be allergic to the majority of foods like Mikhalia and not realise it.
If I was suffering with a similar illnesses to that which was discussed in this podcast I too would have to debate the benefits of the carnivore diet. I think that majority of people would try something if there was a chance it would get rid of the pain that you were suffering. We always look to different medicines when we are in pain or feeling ill but I wonder how much of it is actually down to our diets. There is no such thing as a perfect diet as everyone is different so it is just about finding what suits your body and what helps you to live the best life you can.
This podcast was really fascinating and I have been told that there is another one on there that discusses the carnivore diet so I may give that one a listen too.

Take Back Tuesday – Glastonbury

On Friday I went to explore Glastonbury; I have always wanted to go to Glastonbury festival but so far have not been lucky enough to go. A family member suggested going there when the festival was not on as the town is such a lovely place and there are quite a few unique shops to look around.
So we planned to travel down on Friday and see what Glastonbury was all about. We got there about 10.00am and we were instantly met with really cute unique shops to look in. There are definite hippie vibes in Glastonbury and it is such a welcoming environment. There are quite a few differently places to get food and sit outside and just enjoy the lively town. There are load of alley ways off the main street with lots of craft shop and crystal shops. Glastonbury is quite a spiritual place and there are lots of places you can go for psychics readings or healing readings. There is a goddess temple which we went in and it was quite a unique experience.
After looking round the shops and enjoying some food we decided to walk and go and find The Tor. Here is a picture of The Tor:-

From the town it looking really far away but once we started walking and found directions to it we realised it wasn’t far at all. Once we made it to the top the view was amazing and we spent a good hour at the top admiring the view and enjoying the sunshine. At the Top of The Tor there was swarms of ladybirds flying around. I have never seen anything like it, there was literally 1000’s of them flying around. At one point I think there was about 25 of them on me. It was an amazing sight to see but I have no idea what makes them all gather up there or whether there are always a number of them up there or whether it had just happened that day.
Afterwards we enjoyed some lovely food in a nice cosy pub before heading back home. I absolutely loved Glastonbury and would recommend going to have a look around. I now would like to go even more when the festival is on so hopefully one day I will manage to get some tickets.

Walking Adventures

I have spent quite a lot of the last week going on various different walk while I have been off work. I have really enjoyed spending a lot of time outside as I spend so much time inside at work. The weather has been really nice as well so that has made it even better and I have enjoyed soaking up the last bits of sunshine as winter will be here before we know it.
I have managed to walk around 60,000 steps over the last 5 days which I am really happy with as when I am at work I find it really hard to get to the 10,000 daily steps. I usually go on a couple of walks at the weekend but after walk it is lot harder to motivate myself but maybe now I have enjoyed so many walks this last week this will encourage me to keep it up when I go back to work.
I find walking really relaxing and it allows me to have time to reassess my life and find solutions to what I have been worrying about so that afterwards I can go an tackle whatever challenge pops up. I also like to explore new places and I think walking around is the best way to do this. As where I walked is quite near to a couple of little villages I was able to look around the villages and enjoy some nice lunches out as well.
Sometimes the most simplest walks can turn into some of the most enjoyable days where you just get chance to reflect and grow as a person.

Week off work :)

So this week I was lucky to have the week off work. I didn’t have much planed but I knew I needed a break so I book a week of annual leave. Work has been really busy this last month and I knew it was only likely to get busier so it was the perfect time to escape and have some me time. I was thinking of going away but instead decided to stay in the UK and go on a few little road trips but also just take some time to relax and try to figure out what my next step was going to be.
I did have an interview towards the start of the week which I was quite nervous about so I was glad to get it out of the way early on in the week. I am one of those people who get ridiculously nervous for an interview so I thought this interview would help to give me a bit more experience. The job was for a similar job to what I do know just in a different location. The interview went really well but I didn’t really get any significant vibes about the position and the way it was portrayed to me made me realise that If I was offered it I would decline it this time because it just didn’t feel right. I am glad that I went however because it has given me a little bit more confidence with interviews and has helped me to figure out what it is I am looking for in employment.
It has been nice to take this week as it comes and not have to rush around every day to make sure everything is done. I have been able to fully relax and enjoy my week off. Luckily my boyfriend had the same week off so we have been able to spend a lot more time together that what we usually do which has been really nice.
I am back to work on Monday which at this very moment I am not looking forward to but I know by the time Monday is here I will be raring to go. I will be back full of energy ready to tackle the week ahead.

Podcast Life 4

I haven’t listened to that many podcast’s in the last couple of weeks but I have got back into them the last couple of days. The latest one that I list to was of course another of Joe Rogan’s it was number 1171 and it was where he interview Nick Yaris.
Nick Yaris was wrongly convicted of murder and spent 22 years on Death Row. The podcast was fascinating because the world in which he has had to live in just seem so far away from what most people experience. One of my biggest fears is to end up in jail after been wrongly convicted and you can’t prove that you are innocent.
Nick was charged with murder and rape. It must be the most hurting and frustrating thing to find yourself in that situation and not knowing what to do or knowing if anyone would even believe you if you told them the truth.
Nick was tortured during his time in prison and had to live in unimaginable circumstances. In the first two years of his sentence he wasn’t even allowed to speak and spent two years in silence.
Nick comes across as such a strong guy mentally has a such a good message to put across. He still believed in the good in people and the world even though something so horrific happened him. He has a book called the ‘Fear of 13’ and I think there is also a film about him on Netflix called the same.
Joe Rogan interviews the most fascinating people so I would highly recommend that if you have a spare bit of time to check them out.

Take Back Tuesday – Sydney

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Sydney a few years ago and it was so much more than I was expecting. We stayed slightly outside the main city but we were close enough to walk in everyday and explore. Getting to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge was so exciting because they are such iconic sights to see in Sydney.
I stayed in a couple of different hostels during my stay here and got to meet load of different people from around the world.
I went on an excursion to the Blue Mountains which was really cool and the sights were amazing. It was so surreal one minute being in the middle of Sydney and the next up the Blue Mountains. I really enjoyed walking through the mountains and seeing the views. Although I was quite worried I would come across a massive spider but luckily this did not happen.
I used the hop on and off boat rides so that I could go and visit Bondi and Manley Beaches. I have always wanted to go to Bondi beach as I have seen it on so many tv shows. It really was amazing and being there really made me want to learn to surf as I spent most of the day watching the surfers showing off in the sea.
I also enjoyed visiting the Sydney Botanical Garden…one thing Australia does really well is their botanical gardens. Every city that I went to had amazing gardens which I really enjoyed because I am more of a country girl than a city girl so it was really nice to be able to escape the city and relax in the botanical gardens.
I was lucky enough to be there when the Sydney Vivid Lights were there and on the evening you could wonder around the city and there was lots of different light displays and water displays. It was a really enjoyable event and I have never seen anything quite like it before in my life so it was really special.