I ended up setting up my own Etsy shop randomly after I had needed to get my sewing machine out ad make a few alterations to some clothes. I end up making little fabric bandana for the dogs in my family. I don’t get the chance to get my sewing machine out that often so when I do I get a little bit carried away and always want to continue to make something. I was struggling to think of ideas so I thought I would give the dog bandanas another go.
I ended up getting carried way and made quite number of them so I decided that I was going to set up a shop on Esty to see if I can make a little extra money. The bandanas are so easy to make and I have quite a lot of brightly coloured materials so they looked really nice. I took one round to my nan’s for her dog and he loves it and now waits for her to put it on in the morning.
I don’t imagine that I will sell very many but it was fun to have something to make and to have a reason to keep sewing. I really enjoy sewing but I do struggle to come up with ideas or I make something and then think I will never actually use it so it seems like a waste.
I have used Esty before when buying gifts as they have so many different unique present ideas but I have never had my own shop on there before. I have to say that it was very easy to set up and before I knew it I was all set up and ready to sell my items.

I am now looking at what else I can make and then sell on there for when I have my next creative moment.

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I’ve got that mid week feeling….

We have made it to the middle of the week again and there is only two more days until the weekend. Is it just me or are these weeks flying by? It will be Christmas before we know it!
The last couple of days I have had this craving to make something or be creative. I blame my sister for this as she took me into hobby craft a couple of days ago and that is a very dangerous place for me as I instantly want to have a go at making everything I see. A couple of months ago I brought a new sewing machine because mine was getting quite old and it was not sewing as smoothly. I have used it a few times but I don’t feel I have used it to it full potential yet so I feel like I might have a go at making something this weekend or adjust a few clothes that I have. I find sewing really enjoyable but I am not the best at it but I enjoy giving it a try. I have made a few cushions and some basic clothing but nothing to fancy. I really would like to get better so I need to put in the time and practice more often. I have got lots of colourful patterned material so I think first I might try to make a neckerchief for my sisters dog as I have the perfect material for it. Then who knows I might try to make an item of clothing. Last time I tried to make a pair of shorts and they didn’t turn out the best but maybe this time they will work out better.
Anyway I think I am going to go for a walk tonight and test out the camera on my new phone tonight as I want to see what it can do. I am still getting used to the phone but hopefully after a play around I should know a bit more. From what I have used so far I really like the phone and it seems really simple to use.