Upton on Seven

I went to Upton on Seven yesterday for a day out. It is one of my favourite places to go on a nice sunny day.

It was quite cloudy yesterday but here is a few clips to gives you a rough idea of what it is like. They were in the midst of setting up for the blues festival that they are running there this weekend.


Trying to make a Youtube video!

As I have had a few days of lately I decided to have a play around and try to create a YouTube video while I was at Trimley Reservoir on Tuesday.

I have never made a video before but recently I have wanted to try and edit a video as it is something I have never tried to do so had no idea if it was something I would even be able to do. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and really enjoy watching videos where they go to places I have never been before. So I thought I would take some footage to show people what the reservoir was like as on a nice sunny day it it such a peaceful place to go.

I actually really enjoyed the process of making the video and would like to try to make some more in the future. I obviously have a lot of improve on as it was my first attempt but overall I am quite happy with how it turned out.

Here is the video I made from the clips that I managed to get:-


Bank Holiday Joy :)

It’s Friday again and this one is even more special as it is the Friday before the Bank holiday weekend….3 days free from work!!
I am super excited to have a few days away from the office and to just have some fun and enjoy the weekend. I think I am going to go to a plum festival tomorrow, I went last year and there was a lot to look around and lots of different foods to try. When I first heard about the plum festival I didn’t know what to expect but it was actually quite nice to wonder around the town as I hadn’t been there before and there was load of things to do.
There are always a lot of events on in the surrounding areas to where I live over bank holiday weekend so I am hoping the weather will be nice so we can enjoy and spend the majority of the weekend outside.
I have been really trying to stay focused all week so I can achieve the most I can so it will be nice to have a couple of days a little bit more relaxed. I think we should have 3 day weekends every week because it allows you to have enough time away from work to realise that work isn’t actually your life and it allows you to detach slightly from work. The longer I work without longer than a 2 day weekend the more I become attached to work and start to forget about other possibilities and I stop to think about what I would actually like to do with my life. Whereas when I have extra time away from work I start to think about other ideas and things that I would like to do and work seems not as important. My work ethic is still the same but I don’t let it over take my life and become dependent on it. So I am looking forward to having a little more brain freedom to explore alternative work ideas.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!