10 Year Old Me Would Be So Happy!

One things that I forgot to mention in my previous blog was that I got to relive my youth whilst on holiday. For years and years I would go on holiday with my parents and I would ask if I could get braid done and they always let me have one… It was usually bright orange! I even had a braid machine for Christmas one year so I could do them myself however they were never quite as good as the ones you would have done on holiday.
One evening while we were away I saw a lady doing a braid for a young girl and I couldn’t stop myself I just had to have one. For the last 10 years I probably haven’t got a braid done because I was probably trying to be cool alongside my peers. But this year I decided I was old enough for it to look vintage and I absolutely love it. I still have it in now and I am hoping that it will be a while before it starts to look damaged and I have to take it out.
I don’t know why for so many years I felt that I was too old to have a braid when there isn’t an age limit to having one. I actually saw a few girls of a similar age to me having one and it made me just feel happy that people were embracing braids again. Maybe a new fashion craze could start and everyone would be embracing there holiday braids. I don’t see why it has to be something that you have done when you are younger. It still looks pretty no matter how old you are.