Life Update

I haven’t blogged in the last week mainly because I have been trying to focus on other areas of my life and just haven’t really had the time to blog or I just haven’t really been feeling it. However I am back in full flow now and will be continuing to blog more regularly.
It has been quite a busy week this week at work as we have new managers in so there is a lot of change going on. I have still been looking for new jobs but I am still waiting for an interview to be arranged for a job that would be my dream. I did receive a email last night last to say it will be organised within the next 3 weeks so that made me feel a little more positive with the situation as I was quite worried that I hadn’t heard anything for the last month and a half. I am really hoping to have a new job in the next couple of months as even though I do enjoy my current job I do feel that I need to progress and set myself a new challenge.
This weekend is a fairly chilled one, I have spent quite a bit of time with my sister and we enjoyed a nice walk earlier with her dog. I am off out for a meal with my family tomorrow as it is my parents 30th wedding Anniversary. I then plan to hang out with my boyfriend and have some chilled time before going back to work on Monday. Tonight I am just catching up on bit and bobs that I didn’t get round to doing in the week so a fairly uneventful night planned but it is one that needs to be done so that I can empty my brain of a few jobs that I need to do.

Time to think of some blogs for the week ahead!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far 🙂


Career Confusion

I have been struggling lately to work out what career I would like. I have a degree in Criminology and sociology and currently work as an administrator in a relevant field. I have been feeling frustrated in this role and would like to have more interaction with the public. I have applied for a few jobs here and there and a few have rejected me while others have invited me to assessment centres that I am waiting to attend. I know that sounds like a good thing that I have interviews a head of me but today I have hit a wall where I just don’t know what I want to do…I just know that I don’t want to stay in the job that I am in now.

I have never really known what I am good at and what kind of role I would succeed at. I have wanted a new job for a while and after a stressful day I think it has just hit me that the new job is not as close as I would like it to be and in some way feel trapped in my current job. I have always wanted to be someone who knew what they want to do. I am a very passionate and determined person so I know I could achieve the dream if only I had a dream.

I have applied for jobs in different areas in a way to see what comes back in the hope that would help me to realise what I really want but at the moment I feel even more confused.

I have been trying to be as positive as I can for the last few weeks but today I haven’t succeed and just wish this confusing stage would be over. There is nothing more frustrating than being ready for change but now knowing which direction to go in.

I am however a firm believer in everything happens for a reason; so maybe I am being giving this confusing chapter so that eventually I will have more clarity on what I am suppose to do with my life. I just need to be patient a little bit longer and hopefully the right job will come along.

Tomorrow I will try to be a lot more positive as I am lucky to have the job I do.

Career Confusion :/

I haven’t wrote a blog post for a few weeks so now it feels like I’m a starting again from scratch again. I have been super busy at work and trying to figure out what my next career move should be. As much I like my job it does not fulfil my ambitions and therefore I am looking to branch out and a gain higher position.
I am waiting for a response from interview I recently went to for a training programme that I have been interested in since I finished university. I applied for this same training programme a year ago and didn’t get it so thought I would give it another shot. I decided to apply again as I have worked in a related field for the past year and have managed to gain a lot of experience that would help me in this role. I suppose there was also a certain level of curiosity to see if I could actually get it this time too.
However this time round at the interview there were certain elements that made me question whether this job is the right job for me. I know that there is that part of me that would really enjoy the job but there is also a part of me who wonders if I am just applying for the job because that has been what I have been aiming for since university. The first time I went for the interview I was really excited as the prospect of working for this company but this time round there was a different feeling to the interview and the type of people that were being interviewed was also different…(Stereotypical I know but It just didn’t feel like I fitted in quite as well as before). I have changed a lot and what I enjoy has changed too so I have been spending the last few days trying to figure out exactly what it is that I enjoy so that I can work out whether this career option would be the right choice for me.
It is a scary thought to suddenly change the direction of my career from where I thought it would be going but I don’t want to look back in a few years and regret taking a job that I wasn’t fully sure about..
I’m sure that when I get the response from my interview I will know what my gut reaction will be and I will then be clearer on the decision that I need to make. We never know if we are making the right decision but we just have to go with our gut instincts. I guess for now I will wait for a response from the training programme but also ponder over ideas of what I would really enjoy doing. I feel that this is the time to embrace change and not to over think a career change as in 10 years’ time it could be the best thing that I ever did.