Podcast Life 4

I haven’t listened to that many podcast’s in the last couple of weeks but I have got back into them the last couple of days. The latest one that I list to was of course another of Joe Rogan’s it was number 1171 and it was where he interview Nick Yaris.
Nick Yaris was wrongly convicted of murder and spent 22 years on Death Row. The podcast was fascinating because the world in which he has had to live in just seem so far away from what most people experience. One of my biggest fears is to end up in jail after been wrongly convicted and you can’t prove that you are innocent.
Nick was charged with murder and rape. It must be the most hurting and frustrating thing to find yourself in that situation and not knowing what to do or knowing if anyone would even believe you if you told them the truth.
Nick was tortured during his time in prison and had to live in unimaginable circumstances. In the first two years of his sentence he wasn’t even allowed to speak and spent two years in silence.
Nick comes across as such a strong guy mentally has a such a good message to put across. He still believed in the good in people and the world even though something so horrific happened him. He has a book called the ‘Fear of 13’ and I think there is also a film about him on Netflix called the same.
Joe Rogan interviews the most fascinating people so I would highly recommend that if you have a spare bit of time to check them out.


Podcast Life 3

This week I listen to another podcast of Joe Rogan’s; this time his guest was Michael Scott Moore a journalist and novelist. The podcast focused on how Michael was kidnapped by Somali Pirates and spent 2 and a half years in captivity.
I was instantly drawn to this podcast because Michael’s experiences just sounded so surreal. I loved the Tom Hanks’ film Captain Philips so I was just generally curious to learn more about what had happened.
This podcast was fascinating because even though I have heard about the Somali Pirates before I have never heard about it from someone who has actually been kidnapped. I can’t even comprehend what that would be like to be held captive for 2 and a half years.
One thing that surprised me the most was how calm Michael seemed when talking about what had happened to him. Michael does say that writing his book has helped him to be able to talk about his experience. The conditions he had to live in; the beatings he suffered and the thoughts of suicide he had are just incomprehensible . I can’t even imagine what him and has family have been through.
Michael has wrote a book about his experience – “The Desert and the Sea: 977 Days Captive on the Somali Pirate Coast”. I am really tempted to give it a read as I am just fascinated by Michael’s story.
I was going to venture out and listen to other podcasts but there are just so many Joe Rogan podcasts which look so interesting… he has some amazing guests.

Podcast Life 2

Today I listened to the podcast that Joe Rogan recently did with Macaulay Culkin.
Growing up I loved watching Home Alone and Richie Rich so I couldn’t wait to listen to this podcast as I haven’t heard that much about him since I was younger so I was intrigued to see what he is like nowadays.
The first thing I thought was….how normal does he seem considering he was a massive child star.
The second thought was…. Wow I can’t believe he is 37!! I always presumed he was younger.
Macaulay only does occasional acting jobs now but enjoys, painting, writing and has recently set up a comedy website. He even calls himself a man of leisure now.

Apparently he is also doing a podcast so I think I might have to check it out!
The whole blog was really enjoyable and it was really interested to see what Macaulay is up to now and to see what he is like in real life. He generally sounded like he was in a really good place and enjoying his life at the moment.

I am so going to download Richie Rich tonight to watch!!
I am loving these podcasts at the moment!


Goodbye Netflix ??

I was listening to a podcast a couple of nights ago, it was one of the joe Rogan podcast’s that I mentioned in a previous blog. In the podcast I was listening to, they were talking about self-improvement..
They discussed how we are spending so much time doing things that aren’t enhancing our lives but that are keeping us in a state of numbness.
The example they used was Netflix, we spend so much time watching so many tv series that we lose essential time that we could have used to improve our lives. This made me realise that if I stopped watching Netflix I could use that time focusing on job hunting, new hobbies and interests that could improve my life. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Netflix series but part of me thought yes what they are saying is right. Spending so much time watching Netflix doesn’t make your life happier in the long run it is just a quick fix when you find a programme that interests you. I am at a point where I am reassessing which direction my life is going in so this has made me contemplate cancelling my Netflix account.
I don’t watch Netflix all the time but I know that if I found a series that I was really into that I would just want to binge watch the whole series. For example if there was a new series of prison break I know I would be straight on that! By binge watching series it can take up so much of my time and yes I enjoy watching the programme but is it enhancing my life in the same way as it would if I read a book, watched a YouTube video or listened to a podcast on a new topic.
I think also because I am in a job role that is pretty similar every day in the tasks that I need to do daily it has kind of become robotic and so when I come home from work I feel that I need to try to develop my knowledge in a different way. I enjoy learning but I am also one who gets stuck in a rut especially in winter with going to work and then coming home and watching Netflix.
So far I haven’t actually deactivated my Netflix account but I am still considering doing so. I haven’t watched a lot of tv at all this week… probably because the weather has been so nice but I have been trying to use my time better by doing activities that can enhance my life.

Podcast Life

I have recently been introduced to the life of podcasts. I have noticed that more and more people have started to produce podcasts and I have listened to a couple here and there and have never really thought any more about it. That was until I was introduced to Joe Rogan’s Podcasts! I am thoroughly enjoying listening to his podcasts because they are entertaining but also intellectual so you feel like you are developing your knowledge while listening to them.
I really enjoy listening to podcasts because you can be doing something else while listening but you are still taking in what is being discussing. I have always been one to listen to the radio (especially radio one) while I drive but I have started to listen to Joe Rogan’s podcasts… even on the way to work. A lot of the time I want to drive further because I don’t want to stop listening.
The first one that I listened to was number 1077 and the guest was Johann Hari. This podcast focused on the use of drugs and depression. As this is an area that I a familiar with due to my current employment I really enjoyed the podcast and could relate to many of the issues they discussed but it also allowed me to discover new pieces of research so I could think about ideas differently than before.
The are load of podcasts Joe’s website on various topics and they are easily accessible to download. I really enjoy learning new things but I am not a massive fan of reading so when I try to pick up a book to learn something new I often get distracted and never end up finishing the book so podcasts are perfect for me!