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Cala Llonga Ibiza – about 5 days ago


Take Bake Tuesday – Fraser Island

A few years ago when I was travelling in Australia I went one of their trips to Fraser Island. I went on my own and it was one of the last trips that I did before coming back to the UK. This was the first trip that I had done in Australia on my own and I was quite nervous because I did have to travel to a different part of Australia for the trip. Travelling around Australia is super easy though as there are loads of coach companies you can use.
The trip to Fraser island consisted of camping on the island with a group of people and driving around to different areas of the island using 4×4’s. I had seen pictures of the island and it looked amazing so I knew it was something I needed to do before I returned home. As I had gone on this trip on my own I was super nervous because I didn’t know anyone but I soon realised there was a lot of people in the same situation as me. We were split into groups of 8 and these were the people who you would be camping with and those who you would share the car with.
We went to the local supermarkets before we left to stock up of food for the next few days and then we set off to find Fraser island. We drove though the forests and along the beach. Our car did at one point get stuck in the sand but luckily we were able to get out. We visited Lake McKenzie, the champagne pools, Lake Wabby and Eli Creek. We also visited Indian Head where the views were amazing and we also stopped by the Maheno Shipwreck. We had BBQ’s on an evening and enjoyed watching the sun set and rise on the beach.
This was a once in a lifetime trip and It was truly an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.


Take Back Tuesday

When I was younger we used to always go stay on a farm in Aberdaron in Wales. We went most years and I have the best memories from it. My Nan and Grandad used to come as well and sometimes other family members would come to visit while we were there too.
Aberdaron is only a small village surrounded by the most idyllic beaches. There is a similar vibe to Devon with the beaches being quite similar. We used to enjoy exploring the nearby towns and chilling on the beach followed by an evening BBQ.
None of my family had been there for quite a few years but we all have so many great memories. Not so long ago I was staying about an hour away and I decided to go and revisit to see if it was how I remembered it or to see if it had changed. As we started to get closer everything just felt more and more familiar. We arrived in the village and it was really surreal because all of these memories were coming back to me. The village is exactly the same as it was back all of those years ago.
I walked along the beach and I fell back in love with this place and I really would like to go back this summer and take my family with me. I sent them a picture asking them to guess where I was and the instantly knew because I had the picture taken on a wall that we always sat on in the village. My nan even has a painting of the town in her house.
Aberdaron will always be a special place for my family and I and I do hope we continue to visit there in the future.

Hobbit Huts in Cornwall

I discovered the coolest hobbit huts in Cornwall last year when my parents got me the weekend break for Christmas. They know that compared to my siblings I am much more attracted to anything a bit different and would prefer to stay in the huts to a posh hotel. I was so excited to go that I booked it straight away and I probably should have waited a little longer because it was freezing but it was still so fun.
I was not disappointed as the surrounding areas was so idyllic and picturesque. When I pulled up I could see these really cute little hobbit huts and they were so much more than the pictures that I had previously seen. They were dark green miniature houses; they each had individual out door areas for BBQ’s and there was shared bathroom facilities. Inside the huts there was a pull out sofa that made a double bed, a table and chairs and storage space. There was little lights and even curtains to give the huts a homely feel.
I walked around the site and had a look at the other huts and each one was slightly different. They also had hobbit holes and these were little places to stay that were fixed into walls and they looked really cosy. The site that they are on is in the middle of a forested area and there are quite a few little walking areas around the site. Not fair down the road there was a really pretty river and a bigger walking area which we walked around pretty much every day. There was also a cosy pub not too far down the road.
I love Cornwall because it so calm and relaxing there and I always have a good time. I enjoy wondering around the small towns and going to the beach. I even went crabbing…. We only found one crab but it just reminded me of going crabbing with my dad when I was younger.
Of course I ensured that I had fish and chips on the beach! If you go to the beach in the UK and don’t have chips you are doing it wrong! 🙂
I really enjoyed staying in the hobbit hut as it was so different to any other places I had stayed. I would definitely go back and again and would like to take my family with me.



I decided to dig through some of my old photos from a few years ago when I went travelling in Australia for 3 months after I finished university. Now that I am quite comfortable in my job the thought of quitting and going travelling like I did in 2014 just about sounds impossible. I would love to go travelling again and would tell anybody who is thinking about going to Australia to jump on a plane now. I love Australia and really enjoyed visiting new places and meeting people from all over the world, many of whom I still have on Facebook now.
I started off my travels by staying in Melbourne, I stayed in cheap hostels so that I could make our money last as long as possible. I stayed in Melbourne for 3 weeks and then decided to travel up the east coast staying in various places including Sydney and Brisbane. Each place left me with so many memories and experiences.
I love the chilled vibe in Melbourne and I think this might actually be my favourite place that we stayed in. Don’t get me wrong I loved everywhere that we stayed but that was just something about Melbourne.
I might do another blog at some point to show what I got up to in each area that I stayed in and what activities I got up too.
Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the trip:-

10 Year Old Me Would Be So Happy!

One things that I forgot to mention in my previous blog was that I got to relive my youth whilst on holiday. For years and years I would go on holiday with my parents and I would ask if I could get braid done and they always let me have one… It was usually bright orange! I even had a braid machine for Christmas one year so I could do them myself however they were never quite as good as the ones you would have done on holiday.
One evening while we were away I saw a lady doing a braid for a young girl and I couldn’t stop myself I just had to have one. For the last 10 years I probably haven’t got a braid done because I was probably trying to be cool alongside my peers. But this year I decided I was old enough for it to look vintage and I absolutely love it. I still have it in now and I am hoping that it will be a while before it starts to look damaged and I have to take it out.
I don’t know why for so many years I felt that I was too old to have a braid when there isn’t an age limit to having one. I actually saw a few girls of a similar age to me having one and it made me just feel happy that people were embracing braids again. Maybe a new fashion craze could start and everyone would be embracing there holiday braids. I don’t see why it has to be something that you have done when you are younger. It still looks pretty no matter how old you are.



A week ago I returned from my summer holiday to Ibiza so I am starting to feel a little bit of the holiday blues this week as I have gone back to work. I stayed in a place called Cala Llonga which had a beautiful bay with a lovely beach. There was a couple of shops and restaurants but nothing to crazy like San Antonio. I have stayed in San Antonio before and really enjoyed it but this time I was looking for somewhere a little quieter so I could relax and just soak up the sunshine.
The hotel I stayed at had everything I needed and I couldn’t of asked for any more. The hotel was so close to the beach that I could just go between the pool and sea all day. The sea was so clear that we even spotted a squid … I could have watched him for hours peacefully going about his day.
I really had a great time and I didn’t want to come home. I managed to unwind from work and I even began to reassess my life. A lot of my energy goes into my current employment and by having time away from work it made me realise that maybe I should put some of that energy into something else. Not that I want to try less hard at work but sometimes not everything in life has to focus on work or how good you are doing in your job. It gave me the opportunity to realise that eventually I would even like to work for myself.
Even though we had chosen to go to a quieter part of Ibiza we still decided to go out on one of the nights and we went to Ushuaia and went to see David Guetta. Ushuaia is probably one of my favourite places to go see someone play in Ibiza just because it is outside so it doesn’t seem as busy and there is just generally a really nice vibe there. I have seen David Guetta once before, a few years ago at Creamfields festival and he was amazing and he didn’t let us down this time either as he was equally as good.
We visited Es Cana and went to their Hippie Market which was amazing, I loved browsing though all of the jewellery, hippie blankets, t-shirts and trying the different foods and drinks. It was really enjoyable although we did make sure we went there as early as we could because by mid-day you would not be wanting to walking around the market because it gets so hot and is very busy.

I also went on a boat trip in San Antonio so that I could see the famous sunset and we also got a chance to explore San Antonio. This gave me a chance to show my boyfriend the places in San Antonio that I had visited a few years ago. The sunset in San Antonio is amazing and is something that I would recommend if you are visiting Ibiza.
I had a really great time in Cala Llonga and would definitely go back there again as we could relax when we wanted to but we were also close enough if we wanted to go on any trips or days out. The highlight for me was just playing in the sea and getting to see the squid.