I have recently signed up for a Steemit account and have started to use it over the last few days. My boyfriend recently introduced it to me so I thought I would take a look into and sign up and basically have a play around and see what it is all about. I do not know anybody else who has an account at the minute so thought I would blog about it on here to see if anyone else has an account.

I will be posting pretty similar post to on here on there as well so if any of you decide to create an account my page is…..

So far its seem very simple and basic to make posts and it is fairly easy to view other peoples sites and pages. I think it will remain simple for a while but I have heard that they are constantly working on new changes as it becomes more popular. I am quite enjoying posting on a new platform so I think I will stick with it and see how it progresses.

Here is a video with more information about steemit:-

Do any of you use Steemit?