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Fill in the Blanks

If I could relive one day of last year, it would be______

It would have to be my first day in Edinburgh as it was the first warm sunny day of the year and I really enjoyed exploring as I had never been to Edinburgh before.

Which day would you relive?


A week ago I returned from my summer holiday to Ibiza so I am starting to feel a little bit of the holiday blues this week as I have gone back to work. I stayed in a place called Cala Llonga which had a beautiful bay with a lovely beach. There was a couple of shops and restaurants but nothing to crazy like San Antonio. I have stayed in San Antonio before and really enjoyed it but this time I was looking for somewhere a little quieter so I could relax and just soak up the sunshine.
The hotel I stayed at had everything I needed and I couldn’t of asked for any more. The hotel was so close to the beach that I could just go between the pool and sea all day. The sea was so clear that we even spotted a squid … I could have watched him for hours peacefully going about his day.
I really had a great time and I didn’t want to come home. I managed to unwind from work and I even began to reassess my life. A lot of my energy goes into my current employment and by having time away from work it made me realise that maybe I should put some of that energy into something else. Not that I want to try less hard at work but sometimes not everything in life has to focus on work or how good you are doing in your job. It gave me the opportunity to realise that eventually I would even like to work for myself.
Even though we had chosen to go to a quieter part of Ibiza we still decided to go out on one of the nights and we went to Ushuaia and went to see David Guetta. Ushuaia is probably one of my favourite places to go see someone play in Ibiza just because it is outside so it doesn’t seem as busy and there is just generally a really nice vibe there. I have seen David Guetta once before, a few years ago at Creamfields festival and he was amazing and he didn’t let us down this time either as he was equally as good.
We visited Es Cana and went to their Hippie Market which was amazing, I loved browsing though all of the jewellery, hippie blankets, t-shirts and trying the different foods and drinks. It was really enjoyable although we did make sure we went there as early as we could because by mid-day you would not be wanting to walking around the market because it gets so hot and is very busy.

I also went on a boat trip in San Antonio so that I could see the famous sunset and we also got a chance to explore San Antonio. This gave me a chance to show my boyfriend the places in San Antonio that I had visited a few years ago. The sunset in San Antonio is amazing and is something that I would recommend if you are visiting Ibiza.
I had a really great time in Cala Llonga and would definitely go back there again as we could relax when we wanted to but we were also close enough if we wanted to go on any trips or days out. The highlight for me was just playing in the sea and getting to see the squid.


10 Things I Would Like To Do Over Summer

1. Holiday – I am really looking forward to going away somewhere hot for a few days to just relax in the sun and going swimming and explore a new country. I have not decided where to go yet and usually I don’t do this until last minute as I am the type of person who wants to go everywhere.
2. BBQs – Nothing says summer like a BBQ in your back garden.
3. Weekend break – As the weather is starting to get better I would like to visit a new  city. I would love to visit Amsterdam as I have never been and so many people have told me to go.
4. Dog walking – I love taking the dogs for walk in the summer and then finishing it off with a nice cold drink in pub.
5. Take up a new hobby or bring back an old one – I have decided to bring back yoga and the summer is the perfect time to do it!
6. Go strawberry picking – I love going fruit picking on a sunny day,  it something I have done since I was a child and still enjoy it as much now.
7. Day trip to the beach – There is nothing better than waking up and seeing how sunny it is and jumping in the car and driving a couple of hours to spend the day on a beach in wales.
8. Evening drinks is beer gardens with friends – summer is meant to be enjoyed with friends.
9. Take lots of photos – I love taking pictures so I am really excited to get my camera out again and take lots of photos.
10. Be happy – Summer is the perfect time to enjoy life and try to do as many fun things as possible with your favourite people!